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Spontaneous Glass Breakage

Random spontaneous glass breakage can be a worry for those responsible for Health & Safety in the workplace. Nickel Sulphide crystal inclusion in toughened glass can cause otherwise robust glazing to unpredictably shatter. Even heat soaked glass is not impervious to this hard to predict or monitor phenomenon.

At "INVICTA" we have a tried and tested cost effective solution. Invicta Window Film & Edge Retention.

Our retro fitted clear anti shatter window films combined with our anchorage systems hold the broken glass together preventing the glazing falling from the frame or balustrade scheme, thereby minimising the risk. This also enables fast re-glazing as the broken sheet of glass can be removed easily.

Our edge retention glass anchorage systems are also suitable for overhead glazing and meet;

"Glass and Glazing Federation’s Recommendation 5.18.3 for Adhesive backed Polymeric Film Applied to Glass in the Overhead Position for Containment of Glass in the Event of Failure."