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Residential Solar Control


At “INVICTA” we offer a wide range of translucent and frosted window films to provide increased privacy and decoration. These bespoke window films can be cut to incorporate any design and are capable of being fitted as a DIY product or alternatively take advantage of our professional nationwide installation service.

Conservatory Solar Control

Available in a selection of tints and shades “INVICTA’S” range of premium solar control window films reduces solar heat gain by up to 80%, solar glare by up to 80% and will eliminate up to 99% of U.V. light penetration, transforming your hot conservatory into a comfortable room all year round. Our window films also stop some internally generated heat escaping in winter saving money.

Why not compliment your window film installation with some “INVICTA” vertical window blinds around the perimeter glazing for added effect or decoration including the latest "Perfect Fit" installtion system which requires no drilling!


Upgrade existing glazing in-situ with our cost effective range of clear safety window films. Children and pets may not see low level glass until it is too late, stones thrown up by garden equipment can cause glass to shatter and slips and falls can lead to serious injury. “INVICTA’S” tough safety window film is the solution, holding broken glass together and providing a tough barrier in front of the glass.