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Manifestation Graphics Provide Benefits for our London Clients

Invicta have a main office and factory in Redhill, Surrey, but we also have a satellite office in London that serves clients in our capital city. We are an established and experienced team of window film fitters with a proud 20-year history. While we have many different products to choose from, manifestation graphics and switchable film are two of the most popular solutions requested by our London clients.

Manifestation graphics can be used in many different ways. For example, you may wish to use this particular type of treatment to improve workplace safety, enhance privacy or provide decoration. However, many of our London clients use manifestation graphics and the skills of our window film fitters to reinforce company branding.

We make our own manifestation graphics on-site using innovative computer technology. Business owners in London benefit from a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional services such as sandblasting or acid-etching.

Switchable film is a material that is widely used as a retro-fit product on existing glass but it also has many advantageous applications on new glass. Ideal for property exteriors and office interiors in the London area, switchable film produces the choice of a clear or frosted finish on the flick of a switch. It has adhesive on one side for easy application.

Safer Times in London with Bomb Blast Film Fitters

Anybody who has ever been in London when terrorist activity has sparked will already know of the large-scale damage and injury flying glass can cause. While we all hope to never be involved in such an incident, we are living in unpredictable times. For this reason alone, many major companies and corporations in London are turning towards our bomb blast film fitters in the hope of protecting their employees, the public and their businesses.

Bomb blast film provides an anti-shatter finish in thicknesses ranging from 100 microns to 375 microns. It can be combined with a solar control coating to eliminate problems with heat or glare. Our bomb film fitters have already undertaken many projects in London and continue to play a vital role in injury prevention and everyday security.

To find out more about switchable film, manifestation graphics and bomb blast film, call Invicta now and arrange a prompt quotation.