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Advantages of Manifestation Graphics for Properties in Hampshire

If you own a business property in Hampshire and have never considered the advantages of manifestation graphics before, we hope that the following information will be of use to you. Invicta have a main office and factory in Redhill so we are perfectly positioned to help clients from nearby Hampshire.

We also have the full support of a nationwide team of window film fitters.

  • Manifestation graphics provide an affordable and more versatile alternative to sandblasting, acid-etching and traditional window marking systems. It is clean, simple and effective in its many uses
  • Clients in Hampshire who are experiencing problems with heat or glare can use manifestation graphics because they have a solar-protective coating
  • We can include corporate branding when we make manifestation graphics. Invicta can work to your original designs using computer technology that is amongst the most innovative of its kind
  • Some business properties in Hampshire are sensitive environments. Our window film fitters can use manifestation graphics to improve security and privacy
  • A full range of effects are available. Choose from coloured vinyl, etched or frosted finishes. Our graphics provide clients with complete design freedom

Switchable film also provides distinctive user benefits for business owners in the Hampshire area. Lower in price than Smart Glass but equally as effective, our switchable glass is designed as a retro-fit application on existing glass but can also be used on new panes.

  • Smart Film is used as an alternative to similar Smart Glass technologies. This makes our switchable film much more affordable
  • The single adhesive later on one side makes switchable film perfect for both new and existing glass panels
  • The finish of our switchable film gives clients in Hampshire the opportunity to choose between an opaque and a transparent finish from the same installation. Switching from a frosted finish to a clear finish is amazingly simple
  • Use your switchable film as an electronic blind or as a screen for projected images. This makes our material ideal for business and corporate seminars in Hampshire

Don’t forget that we also have our own bomb blast film fitters covering your local area. While this particular service has proven to be more essential in large towns and cities, it’s fair to remember that we live in worrying times. For this reason alone, bomb blast film could become an addition to your Hampshire business property that may ultimately save lives.

Our bomb blast film fitters use materials that comply with BS6206 Class A, BAS EN12600 and Home Office specifications. Proven to save lives and protect against injury, bomb blast film can even help you maintain business continuity should the worst ever happen.

Organise an appointment with our switchable film and manifestation graphic fitters by calling Invicta now. We can provide free quotations throughout Hampshire.